N-tense Sports paintball field and Knockerball is located at 2101 Morgantown Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42101

We have been operating since 1999. In August 2015 new owners took over the field and we have upgraded most all of the equipment (i.e. Masks, guns, bunkers, fields). Additionally, we have added Knockerball to the fun. See more information about Knockerball on the upcoming page (still working on it).

We have new guns, FT-12s both .50 and .68 Cal. Gryphons, and a couple odds and ends. We have upgrade packages with electronic guns and hoppers. We can handle up to and maybe if conditions are just right over 100 people for paintball and even Knockerball. We have 46 Knockerballs to work with and can handle both on-location and off location Knockerball games. Future plans are to have tournaments for both Knockerball and Paintball.

Our goal is to help n-tense sports like Paintball grow and add fun to your week with Knockerball at affordable prices.  While doing this, we plan on giving you the best possible service for your money. Our prices are the lowest that we know of.

We have added 2 fields bringing us up to 5 fields right now. We have added the Attack and Defend field and a somewhat classic spool ball field (pretty big field). Plans for an additional air ball field are underway and some other unique ideas for activities at our site including a soft tip archery game.

Next year’s plan for a simulated house will be everyone’s idea of a weekend blast! Finally, plans for armature local leagues are under way and we hope to get started by spring  summer fall? 2017.

We can offer Birthday Parties that your kids will love, adults as well, never is it just OK fun, it is always a BLAST! Team-building has been a good thing this year, youth groups from churches, teams, and other party events are also welcome!

If you’re looking for paintball at a reasonable price, check us out. If you want to play inside a big ball that protects your upper body when bouncing off others or the ground and rolling around without bumps and bruises Knockerball will be like nothing you have tried before.

Three ways to reserve or just let us know you are coming out to play. It is a first come first service format unless you have a reservation. Weekdays are reservations ONLY and require a non-refundable deposit (rescheduling is available with notice and some circumstance that are out of our control, refunds can be determined).